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Appfricast 15 - A Conversation With Meklit

Meklit Hadero is a singer, songwriter, thinker and activist who exudes passion for the arts and her native Ethiopia. She’s a member of the Red Poppy Art House, a San Francisco artspace, venue and hub. Later this year, she and more than a dozen creatives of the Ethiopian diaspora will travel from all over the world to converge on their home, to celebrate art and culture. She was also a 2009 TED Oxford Fellow where we met a few weeks go, and I’ve been enthralled by her album EIGHT SONGS ever since. Meklit’s songs are reminiscent of the red dust omnipresent in sub-Saharan Africa; inviting, ancient, anguished yet resilient and lingering. If nothing else listen to this episode for the music contained inside.

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SF Gate Profile - Meklit Hadero opens up to the world as soloist

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