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Conspicuous Correlation: Coltan and Crisis Reports

Mashing up some data from Ushahidi and a number of reports on the mining of coltan (columbite and tantalite) it’s easy to see the correlation ...
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Enkwaaso ya ADM Eyitiddwa Congo, Tetwagala Ntalo

AMD nga be bamu ku basinga okukola obuuma okubeera enkwaaso z’okukozesa mu kalimagezi (chip) bakozeeyo ka chip akapya ke bayise Congo. Ka kompyuta akatono akaasooka ...
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AMD’s Congo Processor and Conflict-Free Computing

AMD one of the world’s largest chipset manufacturers has unveiled a new microprocessor called Congo. The first netbook based on the technology was announced yesterday ...
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The Making of a CPU-23 Unbelievably Cool Step-by-Step Photos

Ever wonder how your CPU got to be, well, your CPU? Intel photographs and explains 23 steps to electronic perfection.
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