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The Matatu as an Innovation in North America

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What Asteroid Mining Could Mean for Developing Countries

Guy Consolmagno fears that the future of celestial mining will sink developing countries even deeper into poverty… Can you put a price tag on an asteroid? ...
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Evidence of Language Discovered in Monkeys

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Nokia is World’s Most Sustainable Tech Company

The Dow Jones named Nokia has the world’s most sustainable company in its 2009-2010 Sustainability Index. After leading for several years in Europe and Communications, ...
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Watermelon: a New Source of Biofuel?

Every year, millions of watermelons are left rotting in American fields as famers select only the most perfect looking to go to market. Between 20 ...
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Clay Refrigerator Preserves Food without Electricity

A Nigerian teacher and Ashoka fellow, Mohammed Bah Abba has invented an earthenware refrigeration system for preserving perishables in arid climates. Because the system preserves ...
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GSM securing lives on Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake and the source of Africa’s longest river, Nile. The lake provides livelihoods for more than 3.5 million people in ...
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Schools in Japan Get Solar Boost as Part of Stimulus

A project to convert schools to solar power by 2020 has been launched by the Japanese government as part of their stimulus plan. CrunchGear reports: Solar ...
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Africa Could Feed and Fuel the World

Two recent articles point to the scientific realities of the African continent and the potential it has for tremendously enhancing the sustainability of the growing ...
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The Micronutrient Initiative

“No other technology offers as large an opportunity to improve lives … at such low cost and in such a short time.” - The World ...
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