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Innovation in a black tie

(English) ..As one of the most exciting and significant bi-monthly networking sessions for people in IT and Telecoms, The Innovation Dinner Series brings together decision makers and top-flight speakers to discuss burning issues in the ICT Industry.- ITNews Africa
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Is Facebook the Zimbabwe of the Web?

 OnePage co-founder Oo Nwoye asks Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in an open letter to stop pulling a ‘Robert Mugabe’ on his users… Mugabe, the President of ...
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TED Talks Go to TV

TED, the international conference of big ideas, and even bigger names, has opened it’s archive for broadcasters all over the world to use for free. ...
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ICANN Launches International Domain Names

ICANN today finally released the Internationalized Domain Namespace which allows for the non-latin characters in languages like Farsi, Arabic and Chinese. How does it look? But ...
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The Apple Tablet’s Role in Emerging Markets

At a little more than double the price of the One Laptop Per Child’s XO-1 and equal in price to nearly every decent netbook on ...
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Unicorns Happen: Apple Tablet, Zune Phone

The internet has a complex. Sometimes we want things to exist so bad that we, the public, simply hang on to any shred of potential ...
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The Open Source Embargo

Or “Separate but Equal hits the Open Source Community”. I wrote a blog post a while back about location based profiling on the web. Many websites ...
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The Iranian Cyber War on Twitter

Twitter is down again but this time it may be the result of an explicit attack similar to the one that took down Facebook and ...
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Shuttleworth Steps Down as CEO to Design

You know you’re successful when you start climbing the corporate ladder in reverse. Mark Shuttleworth, the South African, space faring, billionaire CEO of Canonical (the ...
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Stephane Boyera on the Evolution of the Mobile Web

Stephane Boyera of the World Wide Web Foundation discusses the next 20 years of the internet and how the mobile web is poised to dramatically ...
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