World’s Biggest Classifieds Come to Kenya


Craigslist has been available for Egypt (Cairo) and South Africa (Johannesburg) for quite some time, so it’s a great pleasure to see it arrive in Kenya. The listings are relatively sparse, although the housing section seems have a few listings.

Craigslist’s revenue comes from paid job listings in some cities, and apartment listings in New York. Craigslist Kenya, as is the case with many Craigslist cities and countries, will not be a source of revenue for the company. It’s the largest classified listing in the world, and its simple, easy-to-use, fast-to-load interface should prove popular in a nation where bandwidth is expensive and hard to find (yes, even post-SEACOM).

(via Shashank)

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About the author: Theresa Carpenter Sondjo is an entrepreneur and web developer. She lives in Cotonou, where she and her partner run People Online. Their mission is simple: la mise en ligne du Bénin. Follow her on Twitter at @theresac.
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