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World’s Biggest Classifieds Come to Kenya

Craigslist has been available for Egypt (Cairo) and South Africa (Johannesburg) for quite some time, so it’s a great pleasure to see it arrive ...
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Web UI Designer Wanted

The tweets copied below retweeted by our friend @amysings should explain just who we’re looking to hire. This job is not location specific although we’d ...
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The Not-So Inclusive Web and Network Failure [Part 1]

Dawn Douglass recently asked the question, “How can the Web truly be “open” when only young white male geeks get to decide what the Web ...
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This Week In Appfrica [Jan 25 - 31, 2009]

Appfrica Archives | Contact | Twitter | Weekly Digest | Subscribe via E-mail Editorials The Wonderful African Oz The Wizard of Oz as an Allegory for International Development trends in Africa. ... Appfrica Labs is Hiring As part of a string of announcements and recent developments, Appfrica is on the hunt for talented developers and social entrepreneurs in Uganda.

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Appfrica Labs is Hiring

APPFRICA LABS is a company based in Uganda providing unique opportunities to software entrepreneurs in East Africa. We are a Venture Capital Partner, Incubator and ...
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Web 2.0 Job Opening Round-Up

A number of pretty interesting job openings in the African Tech/Web/Software space this month… Geographic Specialist - Nairobi, Kenya - Google.com Google, the world’s leading search engine, ...
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IT Skills Shortage in South Africa

The South African IT industry is on track to report reduced growth due to skills shortage in 2009. In other words, if you’re an ...
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Inequality in Major U.S. Cities Rivals Africa

Some major U.S. cities are now as unequal as those in Africa, according to a new UN report… Major U.S. cities including New York, Washington, Atlanta ...
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Has Google Finished Hiring in Africa?

For the past six or seven months Google has been hiring across sub-Saharan Africa in Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Kenya and ...
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