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A Fragmented Africa

When people think of Africa being fragmented, they usually think of things like politics, tribalism, and nepotism. They don’t tend to think about geology:
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Great African Singularities

The singularity is defined by futurist Ray Kurzweil as being the point at which technological advancement exceeds human capacity to control and fully understand it. ...
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Capacity Versus Competency

This is a lesson in hiring software developers in Africa where, for the past two years I’ve run an incubator/software company called Appfrica Labs. As ...
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Rules of April 1st Engagement

I had quite a bit of fun with this year’s April Fools Day. Once again, I’m shocked at the number of people who simply ...
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Ushahidi stops Earthquakes, Global Warming

The most famous white African since Charlize Theron is hard at work on a revolutionary software platform called Ushahidi. Ushahidi shot to fame and ...
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GTUG Kampala Launches

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What’s the Business case for an African App Store?

A few weeks back one of our Fellows, Oliver Haas, asked me an interesting question. “Would a Mobile App store work in Africa?” He just ...
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One Million Bones on Washington

The One Million Bones project is an art installation to get the world to reflect on the human tragedy of genocide. The image above shows ...
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Avatar: An Allegory for Colonial Era Africa?

James Cameron’s latest epic AVATAR arguably represents the greatest shift in filmmaking since 1999′s THE MATRIX. While it won’t break any grounds on story or ...
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Solomon King on Becoming an Accidental Journalist

For blogger and citizen journalist Solomon King, the 2009 Kampala riots began with his tweet “Okay, we’re running for our lives.” Here he talks about ...
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