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Nnedi Okorafor: Storyteller

It was through the blog IO9 that I discovered Nnedi Okorafor’s uniquely African take on science-fiction and fantasy last month. Nneddi, a second generation ...
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Who’s Killing African Entrepreneurship?

There was an interesting discussion over at Megan McArdle’s blog about whether or not NGOs retard entrepreneurship in developing countries. Her post was in ...
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Open Tech Exchange Interview

Last week I spoke with the Open Tech Exchange podcast about a number of projects I’m working on including Apps 4 Africa, SwiftRiver, Appfrica and ...
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The most important thing you can do as a mentor is plant ideas.
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The White House on Africa’s Tech Sector

Last week the White House blog acknowledged a number of individuals who are using technology to nurture local innovation in Africa. Some of the ...
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A Vision of the Present

Radoslav Zilinsky’s 2007 enchanting painting “The World” depicts a distant future where enormous prosperity is accompanied by enormous disparity. Funny because his future looks a ...
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What is Hive Colab?

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U.S. State Department’s Conversation with African Innovators

Last week representatives from the U.S. State Department Elana Berkowitz and Bruce Wharton reached out directly to innovators in East Africa to discuss the Apps ...
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Google Developer Days Coming to Kenya, Uganda

Google is hosting two events in September to teach the use of Google technologies and products in Africa… Google is dedicated to making the Internet relevant ...
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TED Recap: A Fornication of Ideas Pt. 1

TED Global 2010 wrapped up last week in Oxford, UK. As a TED Senior Fellow, I’m lucky in that I’ve now attended three TED events ...
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