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Innovation in a black tie

(English) ..As one of the most exciting and significant bi-monthly networking sessions for people in IT and Telecoms, The Innovation Dinner Series brings together decision makers and top-flight speakers to discuss burning issues in the ICT Industry.- ITNews Africa
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Grassroots Diplomacy

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Why Don’t Humans Crash Like Computers Do?

Which is more stable the Linux operating system or the human mind? We like to think that the brain or central logic of computers is ...
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Marc Andreessen’s Home Internet Costs vs Uganda’s

Silicon Alley recently reported that Netscape creator turned investor, Marc Andreessen pays around $4,000 a month for his home internet connection…100 mbps to his house. ...
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Ubuntu Light Goes from Zero to Sixty in Zero Seconds

What’s the new startup time of Canonical’s proposed Ubuntu Light netbook operating system? Zero. It’s instant-on, all part of Canonical’s effort to get you to ...
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Article in UX Magazine

In case you missed it, last week I wrote an article for UX Magazine about the use of web applications in emergency response scenarios and ...
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Black Hats on the Dark Continent

Should the world keep Africa offline because of ‘security risks’?
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Alternative Models for OLPC?

At his Africa 3.0 panel at this year’s South By South West Project Diaspora’s Teddy Ruge critiqued the role the One Laptop Per Child Project ...
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SourceForge Finds Openness in Restraint

A few days ago the open source community was livid at a request from the US Department of Commerce that required SourceForge.com to enforce restrictions ...
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Microformats for Macroevents

Around two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting some of Silicon Valley’s brightest developers for a conversation on microformat open standards. Among this ...
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