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Innovation in a black tie

(English) ..As one of the most exciting and significant bi-monthly networking sessions for people in IT and Telecoms, The Innovation Dinner Series brings together decision makers and top-flight speakers to discuss burning issues in the ICT Industry.- ITNews Africa
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G|Uganda Recap

Google's G|Uganda Conference held at Kampala's Speke Resort Munyonyo. On September 1st Kampala saw the kick off of Google’s gUganda, which was held at ...
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Capacity Versus Competency

This is a lesson in hiring software developers in Africa where, for the past two years I’ve run an incubator/software company called Appfrica Labs. As ...
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Ron Nixon on Following Disappearing Aid Money

Where does all the aid money sent to Africa actually go? Ron Nixon of the New York Times attempts to answer that very question with ...
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Google Earth Workshops Coming to Kampala and Nairobi

Wondering which Google Geo tool to use? Google Earth or Google Maps? What about Google Map Maker and Google SketchUp? Well, this is your ...
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1 Household in 5 Worldwide has Broadband

A new Gartner study says that one household in five will have broadband access by the end of 2009. A total of 422 million households ...
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Does Africa Really Need Internet Access?

So asks lepetitnegre, pointing out that while in many parts of the world Internet access is considered a fundamental right, Africa is long from realizing ...
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The Future of Funding

The plight of many groups, both for profit and non, is funding. How is money acquired, who is it acquired from and what do they ...
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The Future of Giving

Does the future of field research lie in augmented reality?
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The Future of Philanthropy

Recently, Jasper Grosskurth of STT Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends asked me, “What’s the Future of Africa?”. We wasn’t asking about the the day ...
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