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News at Appfrica Labs June 1

April and May were extremely busy months for us. Ivan Kavuma, a former developer at Microsoft, has joined the staff as our Project Manager and Director of Operations. We’re excited to have such a proflic talent on board. If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that we launched several applications in the past two months, OhmSMS, Afridex and Uganda Exchange which you can read about at All of these projects found much success right off the bat and we’ve got various deals pending as a result.

The team of translators assigned to the AnLoc project (Emmanuel, Denye, James and James Olweny) have finished their work creating a dictionary of English to Luganda software strings and definitions. The project was completed in partnership with AnLoc and and will lead to more translation projects in the future. We have immediate plans to work on applying these strings very soon.

Staffers Moses Mugisha, Jerry Opolot and Dennis Senyonjo all graduate this month. They’ve all been doing good work and I’m excited to see what the next few months bring for them.

The Question Box pilot we’re doing with Open Mind and Grameen has been extended until August. Thus, part of our office will remain dedicated to the call center set-up specifically for that partnership.

This places the current number of people on staff at ten.

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