Appfricast 12 - Balancing Act

Balancing Act. Russell Southwood from the Balancing Act consultancy sits down with Natalie and I to discuss consumer protection rights, the future of technology in Africa and mobile currency systems MTN Mobile Money and Safaricom’s MPesa. Russell’s group Balancing Act seeks to be the primary source for information on the telecoms, Internet and audio-visual media industries in Africa.

Also. Jon talks about Microsoft Bing, Google Wave, Google Squared and becoming a TED Fellow!

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Appfricast 12

Links From the Show

Balancing Act - A free weekly e-letter/web site on the state of the internet in Africa. Regular items: news, business model, new software, web sites.

mpesa - Safaricom’s massive mobile commerce service

Mtnmobile Money - Wire money with your mobile

The Backlash Against Google Wave - Google rocks the boat.

Microsoft’s Big Bing Theory - “But It’s Not Google” - Crowdsourcing Structured Data

Africansignals Wiki - African Signals is a site dedicated to finding out and showing local rates for mobile phone and internet connections around Africa - Broadband Internet and Computer news website focusing on ADSL, 3G, HSDPA, iBurst, MyWireless, Gaming, Cellphone, Hardware and Software.

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About the author: Jonathan Gosier is a UI designer, software developer and writer. He currently lives in Kampala, Uganda where he incubates and invests in East African entrepreneurs as the CEO of Appfrica Labs. He's also a TED Fellow.
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