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Appfricast 13 - Ask Us Anything

Ask Us Anything. Audio interviews with participants in Grameen’s CKW program and users of the ‘all questions answered’ service, Questionbox. Details about Question Box’s pilot in Uganda where we’re headed and the results of some of our research. Also, Jon talks about Google’s new SMS applications, Uganda’s plan to ban used computers, the real-time web, and the death of Michael Jackson?

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Appfricast 13

Links From the Show

World Wants to Know - real-time visualization of questions around the world

Grameen CKW Program - community knowledge workers

Grameen Applab - applying technology solutions to development

Google SMS Apps - SMS Search, SMS Tips and SMS Trader

Quincy Jones on MJ’s Death - Candid thoughts from Quincy Jones on his friend MJ

Uganda Wants to ban Used Computers - My thoughts

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