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Appfricast 19 - Curating and Verifying Realtime News

Information wants to be flow and it wants to flow torrentially. Twitter, SMS, E-mail, RSS and more offer unprecedented access to first-hand accounts of events. But with these methods for delivery comes the deluge of overwhelming re-tweets, cross-chatter, spam and inaccuracies. How do you distinguish signal from noise? How can you automate the process of filtering content into more manageable portions without sacrificing accuracy and relevancy? Are there ways to then distribute trust and authority across the internet?

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For those of you unfamiliar with what I’m doing with SwiftRiver, please checkout the video and links below.


Robert Scoble on the Curation of Realtime Information
John Bracken on Distributed Trust, Identity, Reputation and Anonymity
Patrick Meier From Netsourcing to Turksourcing
The SwiftRiver website -


In this podcast I mistakenly attribute the creation of the Twitter hashtag to Jason Calacanis (Mahalo). It’s actually Chris Messina who’s widely credited with their creation back in 2007. He currently works at Google.

Photo by Calamur

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