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International Funding for African Think Tanks

IRIN reports that international donors are collaborating to provide funding for 24 African think tanks in the next ten years. $30 million is pledged for ...
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The Bottom 5%

The above map illustrates that by deleting all the countries that make up the bottom 5% of global GDP contributors we eliminate nearly 2.9 billion ...
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Smart Phones, Transparency and Developmental Aid

Africa Interactive is working to build a network of African journalist, photographers and filmmakers. This network consists of 400 individuals in 35 African countries. Last ...
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George Ayittey’s Advice for Obama

Great thoughts from George Ayittey on what’s wrong with Africa and how Obama can avoid repeating the mistakes that have fueled corruption and abuse by ...
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Africa’s Top 10 Internet Countries

via InternetWorldStats
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“Bandwidth is the new oil.”

AMERICANS today spend almost as much on bandwidth — the capacity to move information — as we do on energy. A family of four likely ...
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China Wins Ethiopian Development Deal

Ethiopia’s national network will be built by China’s second-largest telecoms gear maker, ZTE. The network, which will allow Ethiopia Telecommunications Corp to provide next-generation ...
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