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Innovation in a black tie

..As one of the most exciting and significant bi-monthly networking sessions for people in IT and Telecoms, The Innovation Dinner Series brings together decision makers and top-flight speakers to discuss burning issues in the ICT Industry.- ITNews Africa
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G|Uganda Recap

Google's G|Uganda Conference held at Kampala's Speke Resort Munyonyo. On September 1st Kampala saw the kick off of Google’s gUganda, which was held at ...
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Appfrica Labs: Almost a Year Old!

Appfrica Labs has been incredibly fortunate over the past ten months. We’ve operated on a shoestring budget, performing what I liked to call ‘alchemy’. That ...
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Periodic Table of World Internet Facts

Twenty-Five percent (about 1.73 billion) of the world’s population is currently online, largely in developed world countries. Challenges for bringing the other four billion online ...
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Appfricast 18 - A Chat with Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web visits Kampala to discuss the history of the web as well as the future of the ...
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Google controls 6% of all Internet traffic

Only 150 networks control over 50% of all online traffic. This, in comparison with 5 years ago, when traffic was democratized among thousands and thousands ...
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Internet Everywhere, Even Disaster Zones

The latest MAKE Magazine has a great article about getting Internet anywhere (or more specifically, in disaster zones). The first page is online, and ...
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How to Shoehorn the High-Bandwidth Internet into a Low-Bandwidth Connection

High speed Internet access in Africa is rare and often prohibitively expensive. Lucky for us, the web started out as a text-only medium, and with ...
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Global Communication Infrastructure

The images below visualize what the global ‘undersea cable’ infrastructure looks like that allows the world to communicate using various platforms (like the internet). These ...
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Benin is Back! Togo and Niger, Not So Much

Yesterday, Benin Telecoms announced that Internet connections were being turned back on throughout the country. The state-run ISP has negotiated with neighboring countries to circumvent ...
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