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Innovation in a black tie

(English) ..As one of the most exciting and significant bi-monthly networking sessions for people in IT and Telecoms, The Innovation Dinner Series brings together decision makers and top-flight speakers to discuss burning issues in the ICT Industry.- ITNews Africa
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G|Uganda Recap

Google's G|Uganda Conference held at Kampala's Speke Resort Munyonyo. On September 1st Kampala saw the kick off of Google’s gUganda, which was held at ...
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AfriLabs: The Founders Fund for Africa

Today Appfrica and Hive Colab are happy to announce our participation in the cofounding of AfriLabs. On March 3rd 2010, founders from several established African tech ...
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FrogMob Crowdsources Market Research

Frog Design, the global innovation and design firm is experimenting with a ‘method of guerilla research’ that let’s anyone submit photos related to specific campaigns. ...
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ShortUrls are all the rage right now with offering it’s Pro service, from Google and from Twitter. They’re also fairly easy ...
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Mobile Gutenberg, Banking Papacy

“The mobile phone is like the printing press, so who’s the Church?” - Emrys Schoemaker This afternoon I had the pleasure of having lunch with Emrys ...
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The White House on Africa’s Tech Sector

Last week the White House blog acknowledged a number of individuals who are using technology to nurture local innovation in Africa. Some of the ...
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What is Hive Colab?

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Grassroots Diplomacy

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Asia and Africa, Fastest Growing Facebook Regions

Facebook recently hit the half billion users mark (more than a quarter of all internet users) and somewhat unsurprisingly developing countries are fueling a lot ...
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