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The TED Phone

At TED Global in Oxford, UK this week TED and Nokia announced a partnership to bring TED talks to Africa and other developing parts of ...
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On Love and Hate for 160 characters

Is the growing skepticism on SMS warranted? One of the most rewarding aspects of running this company has been our International Fellows Program which invites ...
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The Best Smart Phones for Global Development

The growing needs for workers heading into the field are becoming far more high-tech than in years past. This is partly because of the new ...
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Paul Ssengooba: Mobile Reach and Rural Connectivity

Paul Ssengooba of the Grameen Foundation discusses the reach of mobile devices in rural settings. Recorded on November 23, 2009 at TEDxKampala.
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Stephane Boyera on the Evolution of the Mobile Web

Stephane Boyera of the World Wide Web Foundation discusses the next 20 years of the internet and how the mobile web is poised to dramatically ...
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Roscoe Nsumbuga: Banking the Unbanked Using Biometrics

Roscoe Nsumbuga of Mapswitch on using biometric identification cards used as part of a money transfer service that is enabling millions of Ugandans to access ...
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This Ain’t a Phone, It’s An Arms Race

It goes without saying that mobile is exciting business these days across Africa. Chris Andrews writes…. If you want a picture of explosive growth in mobile ...
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Google Trader Extends Service to Web Users

Earlier this year Google introduced a suite of SMS services that brought things like search and electronic market places to the mobile devices so common ...
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The Grid Launches in Nigeria

The Grid is a geographically aware social network launched in South Africa that allows you to share photos, videos, and information with friends based ...
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Mobile Money Comes to Ghana

Four months after MTN’s Mobile Money launched in Ghana, it has 20,000 users and 1,200 merchants. Uptake has been slow, but as Bruno Akpaka ...
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