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U.S. State Department’s Conversation with African Innovators

Last week representatives from the U.S. State Department Elana Berkowitz and Bruce Wharton reached out directly to innovators in East Africa to discuss the Apps ...
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Typographic State of Africa

Skyler Vander Molen compiles a number of facts about Africa to produce this fantastic image. Via World Famous Design Junkies
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Evidence of Language Discovered in Monkeys

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Google Earth Workshops Coming to Kampala and Nairobi

Wondering which Google Geo tool to use? Google Earth or Google Maps? What about Google Map Maker and Google SketchUp? Well, this is your ...
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The 10,000 Hour Initiative

People often ask me how I ended up working in technology and software development despite having gone to Art School. I learned at a very ...
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100 Open Lectures All About Africa

Online Colleges has put together 100 free online courses and lectures about Africa. From TED talks to open courses at MIT, the lectures cover health, ...
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Fostering Innovation in Schools

I’m no expert in Education but I do think about it a great deal. For instance: Why do some schools turn out successful students while ...
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10,000 African Hours

The reason Appfrica Labs is structured in the way it is, is not only to empower East African software developers to create the solutions to ...
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E-learning. The way forward for Africa?

“Online master’s degree from UK. Min 2 yrs work experience required.” Such adverts are very common on the internet. Advancement in technology seems to have ...
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Intel Chairman Touts Tech/Education for Developing Countries

Tiernan Ray recently covered Intel Craig Barret’s ideas on using tech to benefit developing countries. “There are more Internet users in China than there are people ...
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