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Real Problems, Virtual Solutions

A few months back I wrote an article responding to people who were comparing the economy of SecondLife to that of developing countries like Burundi, ...
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Bill Gates on the Dead Aid Meme

Bill Gates responds to the idea that ‘aid is bad’ in this interview with Newsweek. Although, he doesn’t reference Dambisa Moyo or or her book ...
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The Future of Giving

Does the future of field research lie in augmented reality?
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The Future of Philanthropy

Recently, Jasper Grosskurth of STT Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends asked me, “What’s the Future of Africa?”. We wasn’t asking about the the day ...
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MCC Launches Monitoring and Evaluation Portal

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) just launched a new part of their website that allows readers to browse their performance by country and sector. While ...
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Fastcompany Interviews Dambisa Moyo

Fresh off of her appearance on Colbert Report, DEAD AID author Dambisa Moyo was interviewed by Fastcompany’s Jeff Chu. Here’s some highlights… FastCompany: Do you have ...
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Restating the Case Against Aid

In “Is Developmental Aid Stifling Africa’s Growth?” I presented Andrew Mwenda’s argument that the key to Africa’s future growth will be free trade and responsible ...
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Is Developmental Aid Stifling Africa’s Growth?

Thilo Thielke makes a bold statement in this recent piece from Spiegel Online: “No one has to starve in Africa. Hunger there results from the ...
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