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Map of African Country Codes (Infographic)

This map visualizes the ccTLDs of the African continent. The country code top level domains of Africa are organized by geoposition, while the top countries ...
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Stephane Boyera on the Evolution of the Mobile Web

Stephane Boyera of the World Wide Web Foundation discusses the next 20 years of the internet and how the mobile web is poised to dramatically ...
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Setting Up a Local Development Environment in Windows

People Online’s internship program successfully launched today. One thing I was completely unprepared for was having to do a basic primer on development environments. ...
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Global Communication Infrastructure

The images below visualize what the global ‘undersea cable’ infrastructure looks like that allows the world to communicate using various platforms (like the internet). These ...
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Ethics of Online Journalism

A hacker bypasses company security, steals confidential company information, and emails information obtained to it’s competitors and the press. Is it ethical to then post ...
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Web UI Designer Wanted

The tweets copied below retweeted by our friend @amysings should explain just who we’re looking to hire. This job is not location specific although we’d ...
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Realtime Web for the Bottom Billion

Recently there’s been an explosion in the relevance of ‘real-time’ applications like Friend Feed and Twitter. The ability to get information from the masses on ...
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Visualization of Social Networks Around the World

Microsoft Italy marketer Vincenzo Cosenza posted an interesting visualization today at RWW. Click the above photo to check it out…
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Web 2.0 confuses IT gurus

What constitutes Web 2.0? Well a survey shows that majority of IT professionals do not seem to have a definite answer. Only 17% of the ...
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Frankenstein’s Modem

After 45 years, this Model A modem still works!
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