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Ethics of Online Journalism

A hacker bypasses company security, steals confidential company information, and emails information obtained to it’s competitors and the press. Is it ethical to then post ...
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Designing Websites for Low-Bandwidth Users

As more and Africans are able to connect to the Internet, the disparity in bandwidth between African users and broadband users elsewhere is becoming quite ...
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Google Grows Up

It’s probably a little incredulous to refer to a multi-billion dollar, massive organization like Google as ‘growing up’ but hear me out. One of the frequent ...
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Realtime Web for the Bottom Billion

Recently there’s been an explosion in the relevance of ‘real-time’ applications like Friend Feed and Twitter. The ability to get information from the masses on ...
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Inglorious Yahoos

Yahoo has had a troubled past couple of years. While they remain one of the more innovative companies on the web (see BOSS, SearchMonkey, and ...
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Wordnik, The New Wikipedia?

How ironic that one of first truly innovative search engine to come a long in the past 5 years started out as little more than ...
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Visualization of Social Networks Around the World

Microsoft Italy marketer Vincenzo Cosenza posted an interesting visualization today at RWW. Click the above photo to check it out…
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Are You Following @FricaFact?

A few months ago, I launched a fun little mash-up application called FricaFact. The basic premise being that I would tweet one fact about Africa ...
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Frankenstein’s Modem

After 45 years, this Model A modem still works!
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LinkedIn Users Prefer Twitter…Over LinkedIn?

This is pretty embarrassing for LinkedIn. Marshall over at ReadWriteWeb writes… A month-long poll conducted on business social network LinkedIn has uncovered some fascinating numbers concerning ...
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