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Appfricast 19 - Curating and Verifying Realtime News

Information wants to be flow and it wants to flow torrentially. Twitter, SMS, E-mail, RSS and more offer unprecedented access to first-hand accounts of events. ...
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The Iranian Cyber War on Twitter

Twitter is down again but this time it may be the result of an explicit attack similar to the one that took down Facebook and ...
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110m New Potential Twitterers in India

India’s largest mobile operator, Bharti Airtel, has partnered with Twitter, allowing Airtel subscribers to Tweet without having to pay for an international SMS. Incoming updates ...
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Twitter Ejja Mu Lulimi Lwo

Okumala ebbanga ddene babadde mu lungereza na Lujapani. Kati Twitter etandise okunonya enzivunula ku mukutu gwabwe. Bagenda kutandika n’olugirimaani, Olusipaana, Olufaransa wamu n’oluyitale. Omukutu gwa ...
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Coming Soon, Twitter in Your Language!

Long limited to English and Japanese, Twitter is crowd-sourcing translations for its interface. Starting with German, French, Spanish, and Italian, Twitter is going multi-lingual. ...
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Amazing Visualization of “Good Morning” Tweets from Around the World

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Twitter ya Kuweereza SMS ku Zain

Twitter yandiba mu nteeseganya okuleeta SMS ezigenda wonna wabweeru wa America, Canada ne Bungereza. Enteeseganya zino ezirimu ne Zain. ArabCrunch n’ebisingawo… Kampuni y’omu Kuwait eya Zain ...
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ICT4D on Twitter: Round-up of Round-ups

Just a quick hit to point out some great lists of ICT4D folks on twitter, published over the last few days. Heather LaGuarde’s, posted as comment ...
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Twitter Finally to Start Making Money?

Although Twitter has taken steps to entice business users in the past, including verified accounts and and a guide for professional users, until recently, ...
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Week in Review: Twitter Courts Zain, African Cybernetics and Mobile Penetration Worldwide

Appfrica’s weekly review looks back at popular stories from our own blog and others from the week gone-by. This week: Twitter courts Zain, Theresa wonders ...
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