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Paul Ssengooba: Mobile Reach and Rural Connectivity

Paul Ssengooba of the Grameen Foundation discusses the reach of mobile devices in rural settings. Recorded on November 23, 2009 at TEDxKampala.
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Africa Could Feed and Fuel the World

Two recent articles point to the scientific realities of the African continent and the potential it has for tremendously enhancing the sustainability of the growing ...
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What is Africa Good At?

A friend and I were discussing the many reasons why companies don’t invest or do business in Africa when he brought up the point that ...
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The South Korea/Madagascar Connection

Beppe Grillo’s thoughts on South Korean company Daewoo and the ‘neocolonial’ invasion of Madagascar… What have Madagascar and South Korea got in common? On the face ...
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“Trade Carbon for Food”

Could the key to Africa’s future have been there from day one? In sustainable agriculture, Busani Bufana thinks so… Forget the view of climate change as ...
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Post a Blog, Plant a Tree with Gremz

Gremz is a web widget that allows users to plant trees by posting blogs. There’s a graphic that shows a tiny tree, as you ...
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In Desperate Need of a Green Revolution

Robert Kaplan recently wrote this take on African development in the 21st century. The Current: Oil production is already booming, and food production may follow suit. ...
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Using Mobile Phones to Irrigate Crops

Farmers in South Africa are using cellphone-based technology to help decide when to irrigate crops. Indications are that the mobile-based initiative can reduce farmers’ irrigation ...
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African Farmers Adopt SMS for Market Information

Farmers in Uganda struggling to sell their commodities have a new ally in the marketplace, SMS messaging. Information Communication and Technologies for Africa Rural ...
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