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Population of the Dead

How many people have ever lived? While doing research about populations for my last piece, I began to wonder just how many people had ever ...
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Bill Gates on the Dead Aid Meme

Bill Gates responds to the idea that ‘aid is bad’ in this interview with Newsweek. Although, he doesn’t reference Dambisa Moyo or or her book ...
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Recap of AfricaGIS: A Geospatial Technology Conference

On Monday, October 26, 2009, 27 members of Google’s staff and around 200 people from around the world and Africa (I’ve heard conflicting reports of ...
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Should the White House Contribute to the Open Source Community?

The White House is going open source. Over the weekend, the White House announced that now runs on Drupal. Until now, the Obama administration ...
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Google Earth Workshops Coming to Kampala and Nairobi

Wondering which Google Geo tool to use? Google Earth or Google Maps? What about Google Map Maker and Google SketchUp? Well, this is your ...
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110m New Potential Twitterers in India

India’s largest mobile operator, Bharti Airtel, has partnered with Twitter, allowing Airtel subscribers to Tweet without having to pay for an international SMS. Incoming updates ...
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Social Network Spreads Creative Commons Content in Arab World

Jeeran, one the largest arabic-language social-networks, announced the launch of a Creative Commons channel. The new channel will start out with content from Al ...
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East African Writers Unite to Free Journalist

More fallout from the recent riots in Kampala, Uganda. The Kenyan writers association Kwani has released an open letter on behalf of Kalundi Serumaga who ...
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Update: Kampala Riots Continue

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Kampala Riots, Citizens Tweet

Yesterday around 2pm riots broke out in specific regions of Uganda’s capital city Kampala. If you lived anywhere else in the world, you probably dind’t ...
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