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PayPal Alternatives for African Entrepreneurs

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s rant about PayPal’s lack of availability in sub-Saharan Africa. Although PayPal is ubiquitous in the States and Europe, there are many ...
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In Search of… African Sci-Fi Novels

I have to admit when I watched this scene from THE MATRIX RELOADED with all the dancing people in Zion, I couldn’t help but wonder ...
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PayPal’s Electronic Profiling

I don’t know whether it’s laziness, callousness, indifference or all three but PayPal, intentional or not, are sending a very strong message to the rest ...
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How to Shoehorn the High-Bandwidth Internet into a Low-Bandwidth Connection

High speed Internet access in Africa is rare and often prohibitively expensive. Lucky for us, the web started out as a text-only medium, and with ...
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The Future of Giving

Does the future of field research lie in augmented reality?
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Global Communication Infrastructure

The images below visualize what the global ‘undersea cable’ infrastructure looks like that allows the world to communicate using various platforms (like the internet). These ...
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What is Question Box?

Question Box is an all questions answered service that attempts to democratize the world’s information for all the world’s people. Unlike many services that target ...
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How To Save Money as an African Startup

Jason Calacanis recently wrote a blog post entitled “How to save money running a startup (17 really good tips)” that got me thinking. Does any ...
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Political Campaigns go Cyber

Anne Mugisha is a Ugandan politician resident in the United States. She recently wrote in her regular Observer column of how people had been “surprised” ...
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The first rule of Couchsurfing is to talk about Couchsurfing!, or ‘CS’ as you’ll hear members referring to it, is an online social network ...
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